Firepit & Tiki Torch Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for those interested in a fire pit and/or tiki torches. If you want more than one firepit, and they are different, please fill out a separate questionnaire for each different design you want.

Contact Name





Physical address, city, state, zip of project location

Type of location
 restaurant park office building residence
Other or explain

Purpose of fire pit (ambiance, create upscale appearance, etc.)

How many hours a day or week do you expect the firepit will be lit?

What fire feature(s) are you interested in?
 outdoor fire pit(s) indoor fire pit(s) tiki torches

Tiki torch comments e.g. how many do you need? Black, brushed copper or brushed silver?

Do you have or need a landscape design master plan? Select one:
 I have a landscape architect/designer who is creating a landscape design master-plan I need a landscape architect/designer to create a landscape design master-plan I will not be working with a landscape master-plan
Landscape master plan comments:

Do you have a design or need design help for your firepit enclosure?
 I know what design I want for the enclosure I want help designing the enclosure I want to purchase a ready-made enclosure
Fire Pit enclosure comments:

Do you have someone to install your fire pit, or do you want us to do the installation for you? Select one:
 I will handle the installation I want you to handle the installation (if it is within your service area)
Note: We will determine whether your project is located within our service area. If you are hiring an installer to install the actual fire pit components, you would need to hire a licensed plumber certified for running gas lines.
Installation comments

Continue ONLY IF you already have a general idea for the design of your fire pit. Otherwise scroll down to submit form.

Enclosure surface material desired:
 river rock brick stucco granite marble stone flagstone
Other enclosure material or explain

Are you interested in fire effects with water (e.g. fire coming up out of a basin of water) or a water feature included somehow?
 yes no
Comments about your desired water feature or fire/water effects

What shape do you want for your fire pit?
 round square oval hexagon linear
Other shape or explain

What height do you want for your fire pit enclosure?

What diameter or width do you want for your fire pit enclosure?

Please describe the fire effects themselves, e.g. ring/square/oval of fire, torch, etc.

What medium do you want your fire to burn in?
 lava rock glass river rock logs water
Comments about the medium

Do you want built-in seating around your fire pit?
 yes no
Comments about seating:

Any other information you think we need:

After you have sent us the above information, we will contact you to go to the next step. Thank you for your interest in Custom Outdoor Firepits!

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